• Betsy325

    I don’t like it one bit. I love Heidi Hayes!!

    • https://plus.google.com/104617576175775050248?rel=author Miz.Chellie

      I know. It stinks! We’ll miss her but she will be absolutely fine. Her last contract was reportedly worth millions!

  • Darlenemiller

    Time to find a new morning news station

    • http://www.lasvegasworldnews.com/ Chellie Cervone

      I know. Gonna miss her

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bird-Man/1833398933 Bird Man

    Sorry to hear this her stupid laugh grew on me, I guess Ted will be next.

    • https://plus.google.com/104617576175775050248?rel=author Miz.Chellie

      Gosh I hope not!

    • http://www.lasvegasworldnews.com/ Chellie Cervone

      I hope not!

  • Lexibe

    I loved Heidi and Ted in the morning.  I guess it will be time to find a new channel!

  • [email protected]

    I will probably Wake Up with the Wagners after this week. I watched Heidi grow up on Fox, I will follow her wherever she goes in Las Vegas, hopefully she does not have a No Compete clause in her contract. If she does, I hope she fights it. If FOX doesn’t want her, it should not effect her livelihood!!! If it is her decision, I wish you luck!!!!! I will miss you!

  • Phill


  • Cwillig26

    Ya I’m done with fox 5 now heidi was really good

  • sandy

    I will no longer watch fox 5 news mornings  i do not want to watch someone that has had a dui, replacing a local mother of two small children who made you feel like she was actually talking to you as a friend.  I will miss watching ted and chris, and sometimes jason.  I do not think much of a company that replaces people find jay another time slot or job

  • Lois

    I love Heidi too.  What is wrong with the management of Fox 5.  I will have to find a new morning news channel to watch.  I’m done with Fox.

  • Fizzix101

    Are they kidding? Is it possible someone is sleeping with the boss? 

    Let’s compare shall we – A sub par reporter with a DUI no less (here in Las Vegas !!) compared to a seasoned anchor that has worked hard for her community, is VERY popular, has a stable relationship and children, and is the consummate professional.

    Stephanie Jay doesn’t have the talent nor has she earned this position. I have seen her make so many mistakes on air. And let’s not forget, a DUI that was pleaded down to reckless driving. When the news has so many people killed recently – the little girl, Faith Love, killed by a drunk driver and then a few days ago the same drunk driver is arrested again.  This is an EXTREMELY important issue in this town. And Stephanie Jay is an anchor for the community !!?

    Something doesn’t make sense about this decision.  But I am convinced the truth will eventually come out.  This is just a big, small town and it’s only a matter of time.

    I, too, will be joining the Wagners in the morning.

    • Hark073

      I agree with you, having Stepahnie will put this station at the bottom of the pack.  Good luck to Heidi

  • Cherylb745

    I completely agree with Bolie81 – I’ll be switching.  I’m not watching a cheerleader read the news.  Very disappointing.

  • Ginny

    ick.  Don’t like the Wagners.  When they first started, that’s when I found 5.  This really bites…
    I’ll be searching again…

  • SF

    back to channel 8 news

  • Rosie Baum02

    I am so upset with fox 5 in Las Vegas. I really enjoy watching Heidi in the morning. I now will be watching Wake up with the Wagners instead until you realize you are making a  mistake of letting Heidi go. Good luck Heidi. Hope to see you back someday

  • Lvstarr

    Heidi Hayes Fox 5 has made a mistake just like NBC did with firing Ann Curry . I hope another local station will profit from Fox 5″s error by hiring Heidi.

  • Traci Ledbetter Fogle

    Not really sure what this is all about, but…..really!?1?  Stefanie Jay?  Come on!  Since the day I hit LV in 2005, Fox 5 news has been my choice.  I used to watch Monica Jackson in Michigan, and the format and anchors on this show just worked for me.  Not sure why Heidi has to go, but at least put Monica and Jason on in the early morning hours.  Hmmm….smells like someone is connected to somebody and made her way into this spot by…..hmmmm….do tell!  SJ is not a bad looking chick….is that what this is about?  But, she does not appear seasoned and is pretty shaky as a reporter.  I have viewed other morning shows to see if I was missing anything, but decided I was not. Well, now I have to find something.  Can’t stick with a station that has made such a bad decision.  Hope it works out for Fox 5….not!

  • Ex viewer

    Big mistake Fox, today will be my last day as well.

  • Sigmaxena

    Done watching Fox 5 time to move on . Heidi made the news as well as Monica does! It should have been Jason not her!!! Good Luck Heidi in you adventures!!!

  • EXviewer

    Not a good move Fox5… Heidi was one of your best draws and a hometown girl who loves Las Vegas… Instead you keep a DUI anchor????

  • Formerviewer

    Whow, first Channel 8 now Channel 5, dumping great people for blah!  No wonder I don’t watch local news anymore it’s all about “pretty talent” that act like they are on an entertainment show rather than a news channel.  

  • kritter

    Really? Come on FOX…. I dont tune into ANYTHING but Fox in the morning.. Dave leaving and now Heidi? Ya, I’ll catch my local news on channel 8.. Im done too.. What are you thinking Fox??

  • ex-fox morning viewer

    you screwed the pooch on this one fox5 we will no longer watch the morning news on your station have fun being in last place yes even behind the wagners

  • Yulindakinard

    This really sucks Fox 5 is making a big mistake . I wake up everyorming to watch Heidi and Ted u r breaking up aan awesome duo . I guess I will be watching News 8 now . We want Heidi Hayes back !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ex Viewer 1

    I won’t be watching Channel 5 news at 4:30 AM any longer.  Heidi  and Dave were my favorite to catch up on the latest news. 

    • 35-year resident and PISSED

      Best of luck Heide, the angels will always be with you.  Good-bye Channel 5 early am

  • Katy

    Bad move Fox! I moved here 11 years ago and have been watching Fox 5 in the morning to get my day going since.Not any longer, I’m very disappointed at the thought of replacing people against their will and it look as if you are  trading her in for a younger, not nearly as talented, model~doesn’t look good for you Fox. Shame on you! No offense to Stephanie Jay as a person, and I hope she has nothing to do with this, but I do not enjoy watching her with just the little reports she does as it is, much less as the full time morning person! I will no longer watch Fox and I am deleting my Fox 5 app on my phone as I write this! I wish Heidi all the luck in the world & know the morning news will suffer for this stupid move!

  • Another Ex Viewer

    Only watched fox 5 because of Dave & Heidi. Then only watched fox 5 because of Heidi. That laugh was the best one on TV. I coulden’t help but smile when I would hear it. Stefanie Jay is hot but she is not Heidi. People don’t want hot they want someone they can trust. My family and I will miss u in the mornings. Hope Ted is watching his back. Won’t be watching fox 5 in the mornings anymore. Big mistake, BIG MISTAKE.

  • Mike2001

    Glad to see Stephanie Jay take over.  Heidi smells like rotten fish…

  • anthony

    i will never watch this station again. what a joke!!!!! i agree with all that was said. stef jay must be in with someone. the station lewt others go for less. but she stays and gets a raise? i think she’s giving a raise to someone. loyalty means nothing anymore

    • http://www.lasvegasworldnews.com/ Chellie Cervone

      I know how you feel. I watched it today and it is just not the same. Most of our reader feel the same!

  • Tylerhenson9755

    Keep Heidi, she’s the best. At least give a reason for making a pour decision.

  • FOX5 “Home Wreckers”

    This says it all “Pioneer American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow said that to be persuasive, one must be believable; to be believable, one must be credible; and to be credible, one must be truthful. Viewers need little persuasion to watch the Fox5 morning news show every day because of the authentically candid demeanor of its most familiar news personalities, residents Heidi Hayes and Ted Pretty. The married news and weather duo, who have been on-air longer than any other members of the Fox5 team, are engrained in the very fabric of our community.

  • Mamaodispatch

    I will not watch fox news anymore. Hidie was a great news caster I will  watch all the other news but not FOX 5. Sleeping your way up to the top LOL

  • Vdub808

    omg turned on the station 1 minute too late and only saw her goodbyes i had to fiind out what happen on the internet, i shocked and i will miss her too i miss dave as well,  jason and monica if you guys leave i will too, i just hanging on cause you guys are there.  yeah stephanie is hard to connect to yet but i love everyone else especially jason monica and mr pretty and mr brown 

  • Michele_524

    I i will watch other news channels now fox 5 shame on you letting heidi hays go yeah let us put a anchor on who money bought her out her DUI and. What an move add bad judgement along with a horrible role model kids and all who watches no more fox 5 for me,until heidi hayes is brought back shame on you fox 5 shame on you

    • https://plus.google.com/104617576175775050248?rel=author Miz.Chellie

      I have to tell you that I have not been watching it as much either.

  • Txdeca

    watched fox news this morning for the first time since Heidi left.  Not impressed won’t be watching fox news…

  • Ginger

    Family first!  She always had it right.  That’s what attracted me to the show.  Knowing that her and her husband worked together gave the wicked ways of LV a familial comfort.  Her giggle is awesome, a smile that made me smile.  A loss.  Back to satellite for me.  I don’t personally care for the other married newscasters,  Heidi is cute, articulate, and home grown.  Bad decision Fox 5, you got this one all wrong. 

  • Lhine

    I will never watch Fox 5 News Again.  I only watched it because of Heidi Hayes, Jason Feinburg, and Ted Pretty.  I will now watch a competitor’s station.  Too bad, they lost a wonderful person.  Just goes to show you………………….

  • Kelh2o44

    I miss Amy Carraba!  Now they lose Heidi.  She had a certain knack that drew you to FOX 5.  I try to watch now and I just can’t.  Best move is to bring Heidi back.  She stayed professional through her last days.  Don’t find that much anymore.  Heidi, good luck to you and Ted! 

  • Quake2245

    So Fox Network threw out a family woman leaving her without any means to sustain her children and gave her job to a former drunkard? Now I know why people in Europe kept telling me that Americans lack in common sense and social responsibility.

  • Sad day in Vegas

    I have watched Fox since I moved here in 2007 because of the Heidi and Dave. Missed Dave when he left but at least Heidi was there. Too bad Fox you had a good thing and now…..will not be tuning in any longer to Fox

  • Jazzyjoan360

    Seen the new “news team” and don’t like it! loved Heide’s personality in the morning; even if she hosted by herself it was nice to watch. I won’t be watching anymore. thanks for my lost acquaintance to the Wagner’s!!

  • Sandvromero

    I watched SJ and JD on Monday, that was all I needed to know I don’t want to watch them.  Bring Heidi Hayes back, you made a bad mistake Fox5!


    Oct 5 will be the last date I watch the Fox morning news !!! Very bad choice by someone who is certainly not a local !!!!

  • Dissapointed!!

    Miss my Dave and Heidi….. no more fox 5 for me!!!

  • jlj333

    Wow! I just wanted to find out where Heidi went.  How disappointing to hear she was pushed out. I have to agree with the comments.  Very proud of our home-grown gal!  Heidi was so spunky and fun to watch in the morning. She and Jason were a great team.  If she shows up somewhere else, I’ll follow her there.  

    • https://plus.google.com/104617576175775050248?rel=author Miz.Chellie

      I am sure that she will land a great position soon. She has a ton of community support and is very well liked and missed.

  • Cyalexan

    I have watched Fox 5 since I moved here and always loved the laid back style and the way the anchors got along, it was a great format. But this is seriously the end of my viewership. Stefanie Jay is hardly anchor material and this joke Dabkovich, can he possibly get through a single story without blundering every other word. I loved the way Dave and Heidi got along, I loved the whole vibe of the show, but if Fox thinks their viewers are a bunch of idiots, jokes on them, I will be watching 8 News Now, because seriously the only thing worse than Fox 5 is waking up with the Wagners.  Good Bye Fox 5

  • Patricia Bell

    I have switched to Wake up with the Wagners and they are not my favorite but anything but the new ones on Channel 5….still love Ted and Chris…but hopfully I will see Heidi on Channel 8 or 13 and will switch back to her….loved her….

  • Cyberick

    I can’t watch Fox5 morning news with this new team.  I’m off to channel 13. Big mistake firing Heidi, I wish her the best.

  • Disappointed former viewer

    No Dave. No Heidi. Way to lose ratings, FOX!
    Terrible decision. No more FOX for me. Good luck Heidi, you deserve the best!

  • Lmck323

    I have followed this team since coming to Vegas now I don’t watch. Bad decision Fox WE miss Heidi

  • Vegasbob1962

    I may just start watching again. I don’t want to pick at heidi, let’s just say she wasn’t my cup of tea / a little drating.

  • gloria

    Why did Heidi hayes leave fox 5

  • Aries641

    Heidi and Ted need to move on and go to TV Stations that realize their worth -All Las Vegas Channels are changing Morning Anchor Teams Channel 3 had a major change 3 months ago which lost viewers so Fox will lose viewers to the media doesn’t give a rat’s ass about viewer loyalty

  • Kelly926

    U made a big mistake letting Heidi go. Also love watching Jason & Monica. Can’t watch fox 5 anymore. Don’t like the new 7:00am anchors.

  • Kelly926

    Im done with fox 5. Fox 5 was the best now it’s the worst. Can’t wake up to the new 4:30 am anchors Dabkovich & Jay. Missed Dave Hall leaving now u let Heidi go. Stephanie Jay? DUI anchor? Not a good move. Love Ted, Jason & Monica. Are they next? Been watching fox 5 since day one. No more. Good luck Heidi.

  • Lloiswill

    Bring my girl back,ur goin to loose alot of viewers

  • Aries641

    I hope the get rid of jason fineberg next his stupid joke are moronic

    • Libnmar

      I agree 100%

  • Motherof_3

    I quit watching fox because of Stefanie. I started watching wake up with the wagnors.

  • LuAnn O’Dwyer

    Well you did it fox 5.  Jason and Monica Ted and Mr. Brown are wonderful.  Really guys get Heidi back.  Channel 8 is on my set now.

  • Joe

    DAMN!!!!!! Darren,Amy, Heidi,Dave & Don’t Forget Bob. It’s A Business…The Station Should Never Use The Term,” We’re A Family” Ever Again. Heidi I Love You; Nothing Against Stephenie,She’s Been Given A Second Chance. Ted,Watch Your Six,Buddy!

  • Cdklv

    I will never wach fox five ever agen you made a big mastake letting go of her she is the only resson I wach fox five in the morning thank you

    Craig king

  • judy

    Heidi we miss you and can only hope your enjoying being home with your children and wife to Ted as this in itself is a job.  We were shocked to of the network letting you go.  As much as we found your anchoring direct and informative, we loved the sprinkling of real life with Ted & family.  You and Dave made our mornings !  jlc in Pahrump

  • Hoosier66

    And people wonder why employees go back and shoot their bosses. FOX 5

    • Executiveslv

      The “bosses” here aren’t worthy of the bullets..

  • tc

    I think it is so sad that Hayes is gone….Fox 5 bring her BACK!!  She as very professional, and I enjoyed when they would talk about their kids…..the other are a bunch of Ding Bats!  You need to get her back and bring back your shows integrity!!

  • upset but not surprised

    changing to chanel 8,,fox 5 went to hell very fast,,,the dumb blond is a total lack of talent

  • Toucheroche

    we miss heidi and want her back

  • Colleen

    Getting rid of Heidi Hayes reallysucks…dont you think this should be up to the viiewers whom they would rather listen to in the morning. A fun happy lady that knows how to deliver the news,or a fake smiling annoying voice person. I for 1 will not be a fox five viewer in the future

  • maddbarber1

    I will be switching who I watch in the morning for news.. A major reason why my wife & I love watching fox 5 news was because of the personalities of Heidi & Dave. We love Jason, Ted & Monica as well. Stepanie & John are to dry & stiff. I know they are capable, but it is not the same. These big companies don’t give a damn what we (the ones who get their ratings share up) want to see, they make decisions based on. numbers & stats that don’t reflect the real. You. will lose another fox 5 fan… But I know they don’t care how they do people in this day & age.. Everbody there should tighten up their resumes & consider finding new employment because they could be next, or just sleep with the boss.. LMFAO!!! Good luck Heidi, we still love you!

  • Debracruz6923

    Its not the same not seeing Dave and Heidi; as soon as I wake up the TV goes on to Fox5 to listen to them. I’m now finding myself tuning into Wake up with the Wagners. :(

  • Mrsg7876

    I really liked Fox Five News with Heidi and Ted I caint believe you took
    Her off. The combination worked really well made news interesting and enjoyable
    Them knew there community . I no longer or my daughter will be watching Fox 5. I don’t like that new combination at all DUI

  • Jellyroll6954

    It was a sad day heidi no longer anchored for fox 5. The chemistry with her husband tranferred to good, wholesome values this town desperately needs. Stefani jay does not have the talent, but i guess she has something heidi doesn’t………..compromised values. If u r going to choose stefani, why not bring back cher calvin…..

    • Miz.Chellie

      I find myself not watching Fox 5 as much. Just not the same!

  • jellico

    Very upset to see Heidi leave she is the best. I’ll also be watching the Wagners. Good luck Heidi we sure do miss your smiling face. I know what ever you do next will be great.

  • harleyvegas

    Heidi Hayes is GONE ! Great move for Fox 5 ! She Is unprofessional giggle box and talks over everybody! Now get rid of Jason And Ted !

  • Disappointed

    Since Fox 5 decided to terminate Heidi I have been watching KTNV for my morning news.  I miss Heidi!!!!

  • mike mezewich

    Its not the same without Hiedi and Dave you need to bring them back until you do goodbye fox 5

  • Stonestilla

    Fox 5 sucks 2 sided coin practice what you preach . Wrong move fox

  • Richard Crawford

    Still sick about your dic

  • Debdeb13662

    SERIOUSLY!?? What is fox5 thinking? Stephanie Jay? Are men so shallow that they would prefer to watch a bleach blonde Jay Leno in drag drunk driving bimbo over a mature wife and mother? No wonder this country is going to shit Mr. Heidi smells like rotting fish?!! Get back under the stripclub tables you came from to make complete jackasses out of yourselves and please take a cab. Miss you Heidi :(

  • No more fox news For me

    This SUCKS! Heidi&Dave were the best morning anchors , I won’t ever watch fox 5 news anymore the new girl seems dumb she always looks&sounds confused. No one can replace Heidi she was great!

  • ROUDY1

    It’s about time FOX5 removed that giggle box as she was all ways laughing at her own jokes and giggle, giggle giggle…. She was the most annoying news person I’ve ever seen on any NEWS desk…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003575190655 D.j. Dluxx

    My household misses Heidi so much. She was always like a ray of sunshine in the morning.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003575190655 D.j. Dluxx

    My household still misses Heidi. She was much like a ray of sunshine in the morning.

    • http://lasvegasworldnews.com/ Chellie Cervone

      Just last week I was watching the news thinking the exact same thing. It’s really not the same.

  • another X news watcher

    After my return from Denver Co. last October and November I was very disapointed to learn that Hiedi Hayes and Dave Hall had been replaced. They along with Monica and jason were the only reason I watched Fox 5 news. I understand that the news is all about ratings and it has to stay fresh having worked in the news business myself, but you got rid of two of the best of four Anchors in the morning set. You replaced them with a more humdrum pair ( no offense to the replacements. I can’t even remember their names. Thanks to the so-called etchelon in control you lost another viewer. Hows your new format working for you? Not so good I would suspect. LOL!!!!!!! very Loud!!!!!!!!!

  • I_Guess

    I turned on fox 5 after many years not watching morning news… Seen Heidi gone… what a Disappointment… I looked forward to her and Ted in the Mornings… Why would Fox 5 destroy their best teams…

  • Richard

    Heidi had earned my trust and my respect. Her leaving the station is my personal loss. Further, her presence carried the notion of personal “class”, something now missing from your news programming.

  • andrew hermansen


    her back

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