• Patricia Kimbrell

    Might be more effective in your attempt to help these women if you weren’t so hell bent on insulting them every chance you get…

    • notislam

      It is not insulting to point out that a weak willed—naive — easily persuaded — low esteem type of woman is
      a target for the moslem -man to turn on the sweet-talk and woo you here in the states so that he gets the visa or
      takes you back to Arabia where you have no rights what-so-ever—-The point is to WISE UP and be very careful because
      it’s your life.

  • KJQ

    Consider marrying someone less dangerous, like Charles Manson or Paul Bernado.

  • Isabella McNally-sezer

    What Muslim country are you talking about??? Not all Muslims are fanatics!!! I know quite a few Muslims and none of them fit this profile. Why do people have to generalize??

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